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Available Services

Whether you need office, specialized laboratory, R&D or other creative spaces, we have you covered! Our in house general contractor is ready to build you the space of your dreams because your space really does make a difference!

We take the responsibility of being the last hands to touch your product before it reaches your customer seriously. We are adept in handling orders of all sizes and pride ourselves in our quality control systems. 

Manage your inventory yourself or let us do it for you! Take advantage of our food grade certified space or tap into our experience handling and managing pharmaceutical and other specialty materials.  

Our tolling and contract manufacturing services range from packaging/re-packaging to more advanced chemistry and engineering challenges including optical sorting, blending, grinding, purging and more. We specialize in powders, pellets and liquids. 

Our shuttle service is available to make local runs or let us price out national lanes. Our white glove service guarantees your product will arrive on time and damage free.  

Available both short and long term, we can accommodate nearly all of your outdoor lot/laydown needs inside our secured perimeter. 

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