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About Us

Your Space Makes a Difference

Solutions Place has been thoughtfully developed with one driving mantra: the space where we work makes a difference. Whether that means it inspires collaboration and creativity or provides a quiet haven for thoughtful concentration, is up to each of us. We offer you the ability to design your space to make the biggest difference to you and your company. Our 340,000 square foot campus offers suites with shared services, such as communal meeting space and break rooms. There are also plenty of options for private seclusion. Whether you are a start up entrepreneur looking for your first home base or an established firm seeking growth and expansion, you will find the perfect fit at Solutions Place.




Our Story

Originally built in the 1950's as home to the General Electric Specialty Control Plant, Solutions Place was created for the engineering, design and manufacture of many of the most cutting edge electronics of their time. The facility was acquired by Solutions Way Management (SWM) in 2001. SWM is part of a group of real estate businesses owned by a family group has been investing in large scale real estate projects since the early 1900's. The property has been re-purposed to become home to  numerous light manufacturers and industrial service providers. 

Meet The Team

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