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Our manufacturing services are at the heart of our company.  Our in-house engineers, manufacturing executives, operations specialists, chemists, quality assurance and safety staff will work with you to streamline a toll processing or contract manufacturing solution that fits your business and reduces your costs. 

Our team has a long track record designing complex processes with Lean practices and validated systems for a variety of industries. We’re cGMP compliant, ISO certified and FDA registered, so we’re qualified, experienced and ready to work with you.

Our packaging services include:

  • Valve bagging: paper and poly

  • Open top bagging: paper, poly and foil multilayer

  • Form fill seal pouching

  • Flexible intermediate bulk container

  • Liquid

Our services provide bulk chemical manufacturers with the ability to alter specific batches so that they meet customer specifications on a just-in-time, package-to-order basis.

Our processing services include:

  • Metal removal

  • Drying

  • Purging/tempering

  • Blending

  • Color sorting

  • Fine spec sorting

  • Screening

  • Auguring

  • Grinding

  • Ribbon blending

  • Cone blending

  • High intensity continuous blending

  • Milling

  • Custom repackaging

  • Rail car unloading

  • Lab services

  • Designed processing solutions

  • Environmental test chamber


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